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Jackaroo Leg™

Childproof Your Kitchen Chairs

See the Jackaroo Leg™ in action.

Each year thousands of children go to the ER after tipping over chairs.  Protect your toddlers and make your kitchen safer.  

Attach in seconds.  Make your kitchen safer. 

Our Mission

Our mission is personal.  To make kitchen chairs safer for toddlers.

The Jackaroo Leg was created for our twin toddlers Jack and Reuben.  On a calm summer's night Reuben tipped over our kitchen chair (while sitting in a booster seat) leading to an urgent care visit, monitoring and a sleepless night for the whole family.  We were not unique.

Every year thousands of toddlers tip over chairs and are rushed to the ER.  Some with serious injuries that stay with them for life. 

After the fall we engineered the Jackaroo leg to prevent further injuries for toddlers.

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